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Hundreds of years ago before there were banks,
people used clay pottery to stash coins and valuable items.
Until one day someone decided to use a pig shaped pot.
And just like that, the piggy bank was born.

Piggy Pilot Classic Piggy Banks

Classic piggy banks

Watching children count their change and buying something with their saved money is priceless. The original classic piggy bank is a first choice for many, lasting forever and passed through the different family generations with wondeful memories and stories of childhood. They make an excellent gift and are an excellent way to teach kids how to save. They come made in plastic, ceramic and glass and the feet are covered with a felt material to keep from sliding on surfaces.


Little owl piggy banks

These decorative little guys need some change to guard. Each one has it's own stylish personality and will put a smile on your face for years to come. They're great for collecting, get them all and add them to your owl collection.


Little kitten piggy banks

These little piggy bank cuddle kittens are one of a kind. Each one is a unique piece of art offering a stylish way to save your pocket change and decorate your shelves. Perfect for birthdays, holidays or for any other occassion. They're great for teaching children how to save, they love putting in their change in these piggy bank kittens and adding it up to by something special.


Little dog piggy banks

These little guys are looking for a new home. Each one of them are little companion piggy banks that'll keep your money safe day and night. Take your pick or take home the whole litter. They make great gifts, perfect for birthdays, sure to please and win the heart of anyone. Each one varies in size between 6 to 8 inches tall. They make great desk decorations and are perfect for any shelf. 


Treasure chest piggy bank

These treasure chest piggy banks are great for coins, cash, jewelry or any other valuables. They make great gifts and are a perfect addition to any collection. Varrying in sizes from 2 inches to 14 inches in length. Kids love the pirate style and they're great for pirate treasure hunts. The vintage style also makes a stylish one of a kind jewelry box. Get one or get them all to pass out on a birthday party.


All you need to know about Piggy Banks

Piggy banks are taken for granted at present. It happens to be a coin bank which has the shape of a pig. They are simply loved by kids. But, from where did they originate?
Piggy banks existed as many as 600 years earlier prior to the introduction of real banks. In fact, individuals used to store their cash at their....
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PiggyPilot Jar Full of Coins
10 Ways to Cut Spending

Do you run out of money before you run out of month? Do you wonder where your money goes each month? Do you struggle to find money to invest for retirement, emergencies and other financial goals? Here are 10 tips to cut your spending and stretch your dollar to the max:
1. Consider dropping your home telephone line. Your cell phone is probably all you really need, and most likely it has free long distance. You could save $30 or more per month by dropping your “land line”.
2. Cut back on trips to Starbucks or other premium coffee shops. Often called the “latte factor”, spending several dollars per day on luxuries like premium coffee can really add up. For example, if you spend $4 for a cappuccino five times a week for 50 weeks out of the year (you’re on vacation the other two weeks), you would spend $1,000 in a year. Try treating your trip to Starbucks as a treat instead of a habit. You’ll save money and probably lose weight too.

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